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What is Miramistin?

Drug's Profile

«Miramistin» is Russian new generation antiseptic drug. It has a wide scope of action and can be most efficient in prevention and treatment of infections - bacterial, mycotic and viral infections.

This unique antiseptic drug is the best in individual preventative measures against all kinds of infectious diseases.

The drug is particularly efficient in combating a whole range of microbes causing acute tonsillitis, wound festering, mycotic diseases, herpes, chlamydosis, trichomoniasis, etc. 

Miramistin exerts a powerful preventative effect regardless of a particular place where agents of disease are located.


History of Creation

Miramistin as a drug was invented in the 70-s under the auspices of a Soviet all-union program «Space Biotechnologies». The program was aimed at creation of an antiseptic drug suitable for both astronauts' skin treatment and wiping of the equipment in order to prevent bacteria, pathogenic and pathogenous funguses and viruses from spreading indoors. Clinical trials were performed by the specialists from Moscow, Kiev and Simferopol. After the collapse of the Soviet Union all these unique findings remained disused, but the scientists kept them "alive". After successful completion of the trials 1991 Miramistin was licensed as an individual prevention drug for venereal diseases. Further exploration of its properties provided the necessary basis for drug's extensive use: surgery, traumatic surgery, combustion practices, obstetrics and gynecology, urology,  otolaryngology, stomatology. Drug's usage in any of these spheres has been properly licensed.

Miramistin's manufacturing and introduction into Russian clinical practice was  made with help of private investments.


Drug form

Solution for local administration.



Active substance - miramistin®;

Ancillary substance - purified water.

Description: colourless, transparent liquid, making foam when shaken. 


Pharmacological  group

Antiseptic drug. 


Clinical Pharmacology

Miramistin® exerts a profound antibacterial effect on gram-positive and gram-negative, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the form of monocultures and microbe associations, including hospital strains with multiresistance to antibiotics. The drug is the most efficient to combat gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp.. Streptococcus pneumoniae и др.), to suppress microbes causing sexually transmitted infections (Chlamydia spp., Treponema spp, Trichomonas vaginalis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae), as well as herpes, HIV, etc. The drug exerts anti-mycotic effect on Aspergillus and Penicillium, saccharomyces (Rhodotorula rubra, Torulopsis gabrata, etc.) and saccharomyce-like ones (Candida albicans, Candida tropicalis, Candida krusei, etc.), dermatophytes  (Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Trichophyton verrucosum, Trichophyton schoenleini, Trichophyton violacent, Epidermophyton Kaufman-Wolf, Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis, etc.), and any other pathogenic fungi, for instance, Pityrosporum orbiculare (Malassezia furfur) in the form of monocultures and microbe association, including one of the fungous microflora characterized by its resistance to chemotherapy medications.


Advantages of Miramistin

  • strong antimicrobial action, accompanied by significant simultaneous effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses;
  • a wide scope of clinical pharmacology: from treatment of sun burns to venereal diseases;
  • Miramistin® lowers resistance of microorganisms to anibiotics;
  • stimulates local immune reaction;
  • profound inflammable effect;
  • effective prevention of contamination of wounds and burns;
  • vigorous hyperosmolar action which allows substantial reduction of  wound inflammation and purulent exudate absorbtion;
  • granulation and viable skin cells not destroyed, epithelium not oppressed;
  • intensified regeneration and recovery processes in a wound;
  • intense cleansing property which adds to its significance in preventive medicine.
  • no local irritation and allergic properties.
  • comfortable and easy to use packaging;
  • available without prescription.


Indications and Usage

Miramistin® is used for prevention and treatment in the following branches of medical care:

Surgery and traumatic surgery: prevention of suppuration and treatment for festering wounds, as well as suppurative inflammation processes in locomotor apparatus.

Kombustology: treatment for minor and serious burns of the second and third degrees, preparation of burns for dermatoplasty.

Dermatology and venereology: treatment and preventive measures for pyoderma and dermatomycosis, skin and mucous membrane candidasies, sole mycosis.

Otolaryngology: complex treatment for acute and chronic otitus, antritis, tonsillitis, laryngitis.

Stomatology: treatment and preventive measures against infectious and inflammatory diseases of mouth cavity: stomatitis, gingivitis, paracementitis and pericementitis. Hygienic treatment of separable dentures.

Obstetrics and gynecology: treatment and preventive measures for suppurative post-natal injuries, perineum and vaginal wounds, post-natal infections, inflammatory diseases (vulvovaginitis and endometritis).

Urology: complex treatment for acute and chronic urethritis and urethroprostatitis of general and specific (chlamydosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea) kinds.

Individual preventive measures for sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, chlamydosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea, genital herpes, genital candidasies and others).



Individual contraindication to the drug.


Effectiveness of the drug

Preventive effectiveness of Miramistin® , which has been confirmed by multiple clinical trials and research findings, is almost 100% on the condition that the drug is properly administered and applied.

The findings of various clinical trials showed that Miramistin can be successfully used in different branches of medical care. It is widely used in surgery and traumatic surgery due to its strong antiseptic action allowing treatment for wounds and suppurative septic processes.  Miramistin is actively used in combustology to treat both minor and serious burns (i.e., it accelerates regeneration processes, improves engraftment of transplanted skin). It is also widely used in otolaryngology, stomatology, dermatology, venereology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology. Specialists emphasize excellent medicinal and preventive properties of  Miramistin® and obvious absence of side effects. Due to its strong preventive properties the drug can be effectively used to combat any complications of various illnesses. According to the findings of clinical trials, the drug's usage results in significant reduction of post-surgical complications and fostering of full recovery.

Miramistin® is a highly efficient drug widely used in prevention and treatment  of various sexually transmitted diseases. Clinical trials proved that Miramistin is profoundly  efficient against treponema, gonococcus, trichomonads, chlamydiae, herpes and human immunodeficiency virus, micotic infections (Candidiasis type and many others). Preventive administering of Miramistin makes it possible to significantly decrease chances of getting syphilis, chlamydosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea, genital herpes, genital candidasies and other infections.